M-72 frame Gifted 🙂

My M-72 journey started only as recently as 2011 with my first purchase of an old Russian Motorcycle in the unlikely location of Zanzibar, Tanzania. URAL M-67, 1986 green and yellow (colours of main political party C.C.M of Tanzania and Zanzibar). After some research I discovered it to be one of 20 combinations (all same colour) donated by the Russians (CCCP) in the islands short socialist revolution after 1964 up to end 80’s… When I bought that Bike intended for my personal use, it came with a gift; a M-72 frame and box of parts! M-72 meant nothing to me at the time. Later in 2016 I found a second C.C.M bike on Zanzibar, also a solo, but a non-runner, after much hunting I believe to be the last two survivors, no sidecars have ever been found to date.

CCM, M-67 found in 2011, still working

After some study on the M-72, I was inspired to restore the bike in my workshop in Holland, I flew the frame and other origenal parts as check in luggage ? from Zanzibar, this would be our first serious ground up motorcycle restoration. 2018 its still under restoration…finnished by spring 2019. One of 9 M-72 in restoration as this time. completion expected by spring 2019. We now have nine M-72 in restoration as this time, so if you’re interested in commissioning one to your own specifications please contact us.
I have been restoring Vintage and Classic Bentleys and other high-end Sport/Race cars for collectors and investment’s since 1986 in the UK. The Motorcycles on my part is a new challenge…and Oh boy do I have one!
The past 6 years has been a steep and exciting learning curve entering the Russian motorcycle world, has been pulling back an iron curtain. Navigating the vast former East Bloc and Baltic states in search of more motorcycles and rare original parts while building a solid network. I found out quickly this is a very small circle of specialists and enthusiasts. The constant build-up of knowledge has been key to our successes, but also many costly pitfall lessons!!. We are meeting a wide array of interesting people in the trade, skilled artisans, weirdo’s, bikers, boffins, militarian, reenactors, engineers and collectors

Secound CCM M-67 found in 2016

After 3 years stripping down, catologing, sourcing rare parts and setting up our M-72 workshops in Holland and Engineering in Poland we are now actually get some work done! This year in 2018 we have finished our first Motorcycles after an average 2-3 year’s restoration per bike. Our aim to bring back these rare bikes to the road to be preserved and enjoyed, but also to a condition of an appreciating investment

• We can now proudly Offer a selection of Fine Vintage and Classic Motorcycles
• Part exchange and purchase is also possible
• Original M-72 Parts wanted and offered along with other parts that we have removed
• An assortment of Memorabilia, Books and manuals and Man cave items

• Restoration work undertaken on 4 stroke engines, gearboxes and differentials, F/Forks, K-37 carbetretters, we also keep a small selction of exchange units in stock.

International shiping can be arranged on request
Please feel Free to contact Ian with any questions on contacts listed below. Pre-arranged Appointments are possible. Please be patient on response times as I may be travelling

E: [email protected]
T: +44-(0)7949 833 760 (also for Whattapp and Viber)