M-72 Motorcycle 1951 – fitted with first type side car





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1951 – M72 motorcycle Low front mudgaurd fitted with first type side car

Orginal log book all matching numbers with EU import documents

This bike 67-year-old motorcycle and sidecar came to me from Urkraine in 2016 in a distressed state with sdiecar
Full ground up every nut and bolt restoration; retaining as much of the bikes historical feel and patina as possible, but with serviceable improvements allowing this classic to be ridden and enjoyed.

The 2-year restoration was carried out in our workshops in Holland and Poland, competed in July 2018. It is now +90% original M72 parts.
• Engineering: 746cc Flat Side Valve Engine, 4 speed Gearbox and shaft driven Differencial:
All units restored and improved for modern usage and lead-free petrol, all casings checked cleaned and reworked to improve strength. All moving parts have been ground and balanced, fitted with new highest available quality, pistons, valves, gears, new double platted clutch, drives, bearings and seals etc
• The Ride: Telescopic Fronts Forks with hydraulic shocks, Rear Spring Plunger Suspension and sprung seats; all fitted with new bushes and seals
• Metal work: Single tube Frame, handled rear and Low front Mudguard, rear Luggage rack (fitted with removeable first type double spring seat) all metal work has been sand blasted, reworked where needed to original, powder coated primer, and painted in original Army green satin finish.
• Fuel system: 22 ltr Petrol Tank with tool box and key, single lever Petrol tap, pair of K-37 Carburettors; all parts fully refurbished and rust sealed petrol tank
• Main 6-volt Electronics: Ignition PM-05, Spark plugs 11 AU, Katek Coil IG-4085, Regulator RR31-, Generator G-11-A, Horn C-37A, Battery 3- MT 14, all connected via a new high-quality period braided (one wire) Wiring System to Headlamp FG-6, Ignition/axillary switch to all lamps
• Headlamp: Speedo SP8A, Ignition/Main switch
• Exhaust: New High-quality thick steel fish tail with connecting pipe, Black powder coated heat resistant.
• On the road: 4 x Wheels, New Original Russian Piotroszina straight sided road tyres (3.75x 19)  relined brakes, new sealed wheel bearings
Side car attachment: First Hard type fitted from 1941 to 1949 (First type Original torsion bar type sidecar available if preferred)

A short history
• In 1939 the Soviet Union and Germany signed an agreement/pact of which a part of; was for the production in Moscow (copy under Licence) of the BMW R-71. BMW provided the design, tooling and training for the so-called soviet boxer, branded in the Soviet Union as the M-71. Manufacturing got underway and first motorcycles and sidecars were produced in 1941, but, by this time Russia and Germany were enemies and the main factories were moved to Irbit (IMZ) in Siberia far out of bombing range and Gorky (GMZ). Motorcycles were produced at both factories, but all sidecars only at Gorky
• M-71 was slightly changed and became the M-72 were produced at IMZ in Irbit from 1942 until 1955. Another big move took place around 1952 parts for motorcycles and sidecars being sent to Kiev in the Ukraine (KMZ) factory to help start their own pro-duction. Bikes build in Kiev from 1952 to 1956 M-72-N were generally made up of a mix of leftover parts and first local production and were for the first time for sale to the public in 1951.
• In 1957 was sold off to the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) The IMZ plant which had supplied M-72 to the PRC military later moved all M72 production line to PRC 1959 where production seized in 1969. Production continued of a later version the Chang Jiang CJ-750 uptil mid 1980’s

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